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Baise Operating First Aluminum Industry Standard System Service Platform
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"In the past, when applying for quality and technical services, we had to submit written materials to the Municipal Quality Supervision department. Now we only need to apply online, and we can check and supervise the handling of matters through the platform in real time." Recently, in Baise Industrial Park, the technicians of Xinghe Aluminum Company turned on the computer and logged on the "crowdsourcing one-stop" quality technology service platform. In a few minutes, the application for product quality inspection was transferred to the relevant departments of Baise Quality Supervision Department through the platform, and the "one-to-one" service was provided by the Commissioner.

Since December last year, in order to help the quality development of Baise's aluminum industry, the quality supervision department of the city has innovated the mode of "Internet + quality service", set up online service platforms and offline service stations, and integrated functions such as quality, metrology, standards, inspection and testing, brand building, product development and comprehensive coordination of aluminum companies to provide a one-stop service.

The "crowdsourcing one-stop" service does not close for 24 hours, which not only reduces the cost of quality management, technical specifications and production process quality control of aluminum-related enterprises, but also provides strong support for aluminum-related enterprises to improve production and quality, enhance economic efficiency, expand and strengthen brands, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and build core competitiveness. At present, the service covers 59 aluminum-related enterprises in the city.

The first standard system service platform of ecological aluminium industry in Baise City, which is operated by the official network of Baise Quality Supervision Bureau, is one of the important contents of "crowdsourcing one-stop" online service. More than 2300 standards of aluminium-related products on the platform provide industry consultation, standard novelty search and free reading services for aluminium-related enterprises in the city to solve the problem of enterprise standard novelty search. According to reports, since the operation of online service system, 212 items of service requirements have been solved, and more than 1.5 million yuan of inspection and testing costs have been reduced, which greatly reduces the burden of enterprises.

"We have set up quality technology service stations in six key industrial parks throughout the city to realize the"zero distance"of product quality inspection, Measuring Instruments Verification and special equipment inspection services for enterprises. Luo Wei, deputy director of Baise Quality Supervision Bureau, introduced the implementation of brand strategy around improving the quality level. The Quality Supervision Department of Baise set up experts and service teams to go deep into aluminium-related enterprises, carry out quality comparison diagnosis and quality technical services, and promote the further improvement of the quality level of Baise aluminium industry.

Advanced standards lead to the improvement of product quality and impel enterprises to improve their innovation ability and comprehensive competitiveness. Over the past year, the growth rate of added value of aluminium enterprises above the scale of Baise is higher than the average growth rate of the national aluminium industry, and the market share of aluminium products at home and abroad has been steadily increased. The qualified rate of aluminium and alumina products in Baise has reached 96.4%, which is 5.6% higher than that in the same period of last year.

Quality improvement has led to brand development and promoted the high-end construction of Baise brand. This year, the city's Huayin Aluminum Company won the nomination award of the 4th Autonomous Region Chairman's Quality Award. A number of aluminium-related enterprises were recognized by the Autonomous Region as provincial technology centers, provincial R&D centers, and "production, learning and research" integrated aluminium enterprises.

At present, relying on the "crowdsourcing one-stop" service platform, the city's quality supervision departments work together with experts, enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities and other institutions to promote the integration of "production, learning and research", carry out important research projects, accelerate scientific and technological innovation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and create an independent brand with international influence and high market share. On November 30, the products of powder sprayed profiles, heat insulation profiles, anodized profiles and substrates of Guangxi Nangui Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. were awarded four certificates of low carbon products by China Quality Certification Center, which achieved a breakthrough of zero certification for low carbon products of Guangxi Aluminum Alloy profiles. Compared with the same period in 2017, the sales of aluminium aquatic products in Guangxi Xinfa Aluminum and Electricity Co., Ltd. increased 31%, the sales of Guangxi Pinghua Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. increased 67%, the sales of Baise Xinghe Aluminum Co., Ltd. increased 21.5%, and the sales of Pingguo Jianfeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. increased 10%.

"Next step, we will continue to push forward the downward shift of the focus of our work and the move forward of the service gateway, extend the"crowdsourcing one-stop"service to all walks of life, and help the transformation of"Baise Manufacturing"to"Baise Creation"! uuuuuuu Zhou Yongzhi, Director of Baise Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, said.

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