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See how China's electrolytic aluminium enterprises to achieve "Phoenix Nirvana" in the transformation and upgrading?
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China is the world's largest producer and consumer of aluminium, accounting for nearly 50% of the total. However, at present, China's aluminium processing industry has excessive production capacity of ordinary products, while the production capacity of high-tech, high-precision and high-quality products is seriously inadequate. The third generation of aluminium-lithium alloy technology, all-aluminium body, Aerospace aluminium sheet and engine manufacturing technology and equipment level and design and manufacture. There is still a gap in capacity.

The main reasons are as follows: firstly, the overall technological innovation ability of the aluminum processing industry is insufficient; secondly, there are few new materials independently developed by China's aluminium industry in terms of lack of independent core technology and independent brand. In terms of new alloy development, it is basically to follow foreign products. Independent development is almost blank, especially high-tech technologies, such as aluminium aerospace, which have important strategic significance for development. The vast majority of technical materials also depend on imports.

Especially in the high-end aluminium alloy, it is basically monopolized by American Aluminum Company, Canadian Aluminum Company, German Cruise Aluminum Company and Japanese Light Metal Company. All the aluminium materials used by China-made C919 aircraft and ARJ21 regional passenger aircraft are supplied by American Aluminum Industry. ARJ aircraft is mainly made of aluminium alloy. Airplane weight is 25 tons. The quality of aluminium components accounts for 75% of the aircraft net weight. The weight of C919 aircraft is 42 tons. The total quality of aluminium workpieces accounts for 65% of the aircraft net weight. Overall, China relies on imports for about 24 kinds of metal materials, 17 of which are supplied by Japanese enterprises, accounting for 70.8%.

It is expected that 80% of the procurement opportunities for aviation aluminum sheet will be given to Chinese local enterprises. Based on the current installed level of aluminium processing and R&D investment, the proportion of domestic aluminium sheet consumption will increase to 35% in 2018, 75% in 2022 and 95% in 2025.

From this point, we can see that there is still a lot of room for high-end aluminium products with high added value in China. Therefore, in order to gain a long-term leading position in international competition, it is necessary to look ahead in the work of capacity removal of electrolytic aluminium in our country and complete the systematic industrial upgrading in the process of capacity removal.

Nowadays, electrolytic aluminium enterprises in China have embarked on the road of product upgrading. Many domestic aluminium enterprises have made great achievements in the development and production of high-end aluminium materials in recent years.

In December 2016, after nearly 10 years of research and development and special research, China Southwest Aluminum Zui has become the first enterprise in China to fully master the production technology of 7050 aluminum alloy pre-stretched thick plate with high strength, high toughness. The successful development and application of this technology has completely broken the long-standing blockade of manufacturing technology in key areas in China by Western countries, and made China's related manufacturing technology water enter the international advanced ranks.

Zhongwang, one of the representative enterprises of high-end manufacturing industry in China, has developed into the second largest industrial aluminium extrusion product R&D manufacturer in the world and the largest industrial aluminium extrusion product in Asia after more than 20 years of industry accumulation. Zhongwang has obtained many international certification qualifications in railway, automobile, ship, aviation and other industries. Fuxing is one of the suppliers of aluminium profile for vehicle body. At the same time, we actively explore the field of aerospace aluminium. Aiming at the specifications, characteristics and strict quality requirements of aluminium profile, we launched the research and development project of 7075 Aerospace extrusion bar.

Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise belonging to Nanshan Group (Top 500 Chinese enterprises). As the only listed company in China with aluminum material as its main industry, it has the only complete aluminum industry chain with short distance Zui in the world. The company's size and output continue to rank in the forefront of large-scale enterprises in the aluminum industry. Nanshan Aluminum Industry has been developing automotive and aviation aluminium sheets with high technical barriers since 2012.

After scientific planning and systematic demonstration, in early 2010, Yulian Group officially started construction of high-end aluminium material project with an annual output of 600,000 tons of aluminium precision and deep processing, and positioned the project as "first-class in the world and leading in China". The main products are replacing imported cans cover materials, double zero aluminium foil blanks for packaging and electronics, anodizing materials for mobile phones and notebook computers, transportation aluminium materials for automobiles and ships, and high-end bars and poles. They are widely used in new packaging, electronic appliances, transportation tools and green building fields. In November 2016, the Yulian Group's annual production of 600,000 tons of high-quality aluminium materials project was completed and put into operation.

On November 28, 2018, Luoyang Wanji Aluminum Processing Co., Ltd. successfully offline 10 tons of 1.0 mm thick mirror aluminium products. After testing, the surface gloss, ductility, reflectivity and other indicators of the products meet customer requirements. High-end mirror aluminium plate is mainly used in car logo, lamp reflector, dashboard and other decorative fields, the price is only one third of stainless steel materials, and the market prospects are broad. In the past, the world's high-end mirror aluminium sheets were manufactured by Sumitomo Japan, Analuminium Germany and Austrian Aluminum Austria. The research and development of high-end mirror aluminium sheet processed by Wanji aluminium has been successful, breaking the technical blockade in this field.

Shandong Weiqiao Aluminum and Electricity Company and Suzhou University signed an agreement to establish a Research Institute of high-end aluminium material manufacturing and application technology to promote the manufacture and application of new high-end aluminium alloy materials, strengthen collaborative innovation in the field of advanced aluminium processing, accumulate greater development potential and momentum, and enhance the independent innovation ability, market competitiveness and social influence of both sides in the industry. Focus on the development of automotive and new energy automotive series of high strength, high toughness, high fatigue resistance 6xxx new aluminum alloy materials, high performance casting aluminum alloy and intermediate alloy, new packaging and electronic appliances of aluminum alloy materials.

Nowadays, the aluminium industry is in the stage of new and old kinetic energy conversion. It is more difficult to obtain higher market profits by walking volume, and it is a top-notch industry.

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